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We can help you deal with a cyber incident by providing the support you need to limit the damage, document the digital forensic evidence, return your IT environment to a secure state, and strengthen your defence's to minimize your attack surface going forward.

Incident Response.
Have you been hacked?

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Get step-by-step guidance and all the support you need from certified security experts who can help you respond – fast.

About Us

BUI is an award-winning Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner for the Microsoft Cloud, and a certified member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association with expertise across the Microsoft suite.

We have 20+ years of success in the technology industry and our highly trained security professionals are experts in detection, investigation, response, and remediation.

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Have you been Hacked, let us help you with your Ransomware, Breach or Cyber Incident, if you have been hacked, we can assist you with focused incident response, with simple "Hacked Consulting".

The sad truth is that even the best security plan in the world doesn’t guarantee immunity.


Here is a really handy five-step process.

  • Don’t panic.

It won’t change the fact that you’ve been breached, and it certainly won’t help. A structured approach and a problem-solving attitude will stand you in good stead in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

  • Don’t pay the ransom!

You may well be tempted to pay the criminals to get your data back, but this is a bad idea for several reasons. Not only is there no guarantee they’ll actually return your data (these guys are crooks, remember), but paying the ransom validates the business model and encourages them to attack someone else. And remember, paying for the decrypt doesn’t improve your security posture or remove the malware!

  • Set up a response team.

It’s absolutely vital that you get executive management to assemble an experienced response team as early as possible. As any veteran detective will tell you, every second counts. For most small and medium-sized firms, this will entail enlisting the help of a company that specializes in cyber security response.

  • Isolate the breached area.

One of the first things the response team should help you with is finding out where the breach occurred and taking steps to ensure that the criminals can’t use the same broken window or picked lock to get into your IT infrastructure again – and steal more data.

  • Document, document, document.

You’re dealing with a criminal break-in, and evidence is really important in understanding the nature of the attack and how to prevent further damage. Keeping accurate records and preserving evidence is one of the keys to an efficient recovery. Make copies of all logs and password databases as soon as you can.

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